Bienvenue au Canada

Toronto. Six months. Pourquoi pas?

The idea started festering earlier this year. Husband M. was traveling for work every week, mostly to his company’s office in Toronto. I was getting restless in St. Louis, thirsting for adventure in a new town.

M. first floated the concept to his boss, who gave the thumbs up. Check. The director of the community development corporation where I work offered to hire a temp during my absence and allow me to continue working on the website from Toronto. Check. After hours of internet research, I found a condo to rent in a great neighborhood. Check.

So in May, we packed the beagirls and a bunch of stuff in the purple PT Cruiser and headed to Canada.

Our first week was less than pleasant. A two-hour detour after driving in the wrong direction on the trip up. A persnickety Canadian border agent who nearly blocked our way into the country. An odorous welcome to our rented condo, followed by days of cleaning and organizing. A painful kidney infection ending in a trip to the emergency room. Damp, chilly days. 

On the bright side, I began to explore my North Toronto neighborhood and the rest of the Queen City. In the posts that follow, I’ll share my experiences and perspectives of T-dot-O.



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